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    Looking to purchase your first skateboard? Don't worry, the Urban crew has got you covered! Below is all the information you will need to help you choose the right setup.


     Here’s what we’ll cover:

    • Parts of a Skateboard
    • Types of Skateboards
    • Skateboard Sizes
    • Pre-built and Custom Completes

    Parts Of A Skateboard

    Heres a list of all the components of a skateboard and how they come together to get you rolling!


    DECK -  The 7 plies of laminated wood that come together to make the board below your feet.

    TRUCKS - The part of your board that allows you to turn and also provides an axel to hold your wheels. 

    WHEELS - Allow the board to roll.

    BEARINGS - Go inside your wheels to allow them to spin.

    GRIP TAPE - Provide traction on top of your deck for your feet.

    HARDWARE - The nuts & bolts to hold your board together.


    Types Of Skateboards


     Standard Skateboards - These are the kind of boards you will typically find at skate parks and in the streets. Standard Boards feature both a nose and a tail that are exactly or nearly symmetrical. Whether you're skating streets flipping your board or skating a ramp blasting airs, this is the board to go with. 



    Check out these assembled complete skateboards.






    Cruiser Skateboards  - If transportation is your goal, these boards are for you. Cruiser boards are similar size to standard boards but come in all kinds of fun shapes. Usually this type of board will have larger, softer wheels for a faster & more comfortable ride. Compared to longboards, a cruiser will be lighter and easier to maneuver while ripping around town.



    Check out our Cruiser Skateboards! 





    Skateboard Sizes

    FULL Deck width 7.5" or wider

    5'3" or taller | Age 13+ | Shoe size 9+

    MID Deck Width 7.25"-7.375"

    4'5"- 5'2" | Age 9-12 | Shoe size 6-8

    MINI Deck Width 7.0"

    3'5"- 4'4" | Age 6-8 | Shoe Size 2-5

    MICRO Deck Width 6.5" - 6.75"

    3'4" or shorter | Age 5- | Shoe size 1-